CCTV with Best Compression Technology

Enjoy the ease of cloud services with zero worries. Kloud by Kecilin makes your cloud feels lighter with a better space.

Up To


Size Reduction

Kecilin using own proprietary compression engine which running in background to make recorded video size smaller but maintain the quality and resolution

Up to 99% Less Storage:

Increase 100x of storage capacity. Reduce your storage cost up to 99%

100x Faster Backup:

Increase 100x of data backup speed. Real-time backup with limited bandwith

Up to 99% Less Bandwith:

Stream CCTV with limited bandwith. Reduce your bandwith cost up to 90%

Multi Platform:

Web based software can run and implementated in Windows, MacOS or Linux

Kecilin is s specialized computer software that stream & records video from camera surveilance in a digital format to RTMP link, IP link, disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass video transport and storage device.

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Reduce video size by 50% while enhancing object colors and textures


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Kecilin NVR Already Used in Banking Industry

A leading South East Asia eye lossless compression tech Company that can compress various file types, such as text, document, image, and video.

Kecilin provides smooth & efficient compression technology that applies to modern technology models.

cctv implementation
Original Video :

357 MB

8 mbps, 20 fps, 15 Minutes

cctv implementation
Compressed Video :

26 MB

0,4 mbps, 20 fps, 15 Minutes


Size Reduction

Compression Result for Low Bandwith

bandwith implementation
Original Video :

186 MB

4 mbps, 20 fps, 10 Minutes

bandwith implementation
Compressed Video :

3 MB

40 kbps, 20 fps, 10 Minutes


Size Reduction

Well Designed Features

Seeing the rapid development of technology accompanied by growth in data usage of companies and retail globally are no exception in Indonesia, made PT. Millenio Amerta Data committed to providing solution for various kinds of constraints such as bandwith, storage space, and other constraints.

Compatible with 3rd Party Monitoring Dashboard

Kecilin compression stream comply with all RTMP compatible monitoring software

Compatible with all RSTP CCTV & DVR/NVR

Kecilin Compression engine comply with all RSTP/RTMP CCTV or DVR/NVR stream transport.

Auto-start Engine

Engine will running in the background. Engine will auto restart when theres hardware issue.

Kecilin CCTV Is here to provide innovative and complaint solutions the needs of our prospective clients. Our service is to provide the latest Data Compression Technology for the company so that together can progress and develop to follow needs of the times to be able to become an effective and efficient company in the future

Monitoring & Stream

Monitoring and re streaming your multi camera surveillance real-time in your multiple device.

Archiving & Cloud Backup

Record multiple video surveillance in any duration and download recorded video at anytime


Monitoring and get your archived video from your PC, Mobile Device ad Server.

Simply Works!

for Every Needs


PC Specification Requirement for NVR

  • OS : Windows / Ubuntu 18.04 / MacOS
  • CPU :
  • Core i5 (4 Core/8 Threads): 6 Full HD CCTV
  • Core i5 (2 Core/4 Threads): 3 Full HD CCTV
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • HDD : 10 BG (Exclude Archiving Needs)
  • APP : Virtual Box, TeamViewer, Anydesk


Network Requirements for NVR

  • Network Access : Public Internet
  • DVR/NVR : RSTP Link
  • IP : Same network with DVR/NVR
  • LAN : Available DVR LAN port
  • Other : Switch (If Needs)

It Really Works!

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